News National Top Stories – Monday 12 October 2015

Top Stories – Monday 12 October 2015

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Royal Children's Hospital against detention ‘We must stop this harm’: doctors defy government to protect kids in detention

Children who have spent more than half their lives in detention centres cannot be returned because it would be ‘unsafe’, say protesting medicos. Read more.


MH17Missile fragments found in victims’ bodies: MH17 report

The official investigation due on Tuesday is expected to establish whether victims knew of their fate, and who fired the missile. Read more.


Australian money Remember pay rises? Here’s how to successfully negotiate one

While the economy struggles to find second gear here’s how to manage the tricky job of asking your boss for a bigger pay cheque. Read more.


malcolm turnbull tony abbottAbsent Abbott get his chance to show full support of Turnbull

He was ruthlessly dispatched from power. Now Tony Abbott, backbencher, must endure watching the new PM in the spotlight. Read more.


microsoft surface book This powerful new laptop could upset the Apple cart

Warning shots fired! Microsoft declares war on Apple by blurring the lines between mobile device and desktop computer. Read more.


Keep moving, your body will thank you Living with arthritis? This is the best way to deal with it

Millions of Australians living with arthritis have the power to take charge of their condition, instead of just popping pills. Read more.


Kanye West Obama’s cheeky advice to Kanye on becoming President

Dealing with weirdos from reality TV and overcoming a strange sounding name essential to any presidential bid by the rap star. Read more.


cars The most popular car in wealthy suburbs is not what you’d expect

Sure, there are Bimmers and Mercs aplenty, but this zippy runabout is the most searched-for car in the priciest suburbs. Read more.


Judd and Cousins celebrate a round 15 win in 2006. ‘Paranoid’ Cousins was a threat to the Eagles’ mission, writes Judd

Striving for success while dealing with a worsening drug crisis was a challenge for the former Eagles captain, Chris Judd reveals. Read more.

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