News National Aussies attacked outside Thai nightclub

Aussies attacked outside Thai nightclub

aussies attacked nighctlub thailand
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A pair of Australian men have been identified as the victims of a nightclub attack outside The Aussie Bar in Phuket.

Footage posted by one of the club’s bouncers to his own Facebook page (viewable below) has gone viral, depicting a group of four security guards attacking the Australians.

The 45-second video shows the guards kicking one of the men repeatedly while he is on the ground, before elbowing him in the head and punching him.

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The Australians do not appear to be fighting back.

As the bouncers continue to take turns kicking one of the men as he lies on the ground, on-lookers seem to intervene and ask them to stop as the video ends.

Thai police are now looking for the two Australian men, and plan to summon the security guards for questioning over the video, The Age reports.

Thousands of Australians flock to Thailand every month, with resort islands like Phuket popular as cheap, beach holiday destinations.

Yet fights and assaults between tourists and locals are not an uncommon occurrence.

Young Australian Jack Hansen-Bartel said he was bashed in a nightclub in Koh Samui while on holiday.

According to Mr Hansen-Bartel, he was attacked by two American college students and is now facing unfair assault charges himself.

“At no stage in the last year has he been treated as a victim of crime,” Mr Hansen-Bartel’s mother told the ABC.

“I never dreamed in a million years that such a simple case would be amplified into such an amazingly horrible set of circumstances,” she said.

Watch the attack below

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