News National Top Stories – Friday 9 October 2015

Top Stories – Friday 9 October 2015

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Fast-track TV: the networks’ latest lie to Aussie viewers

It may sound promising, but if you believe the “express from the US” claims of the networks, you’re about to suffer a big letdown. Read more.


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.47.47 pm

The Verdict is in and it’s not pretty: TV at its most shouty

This new prime-time gabfest promised a debate between ‘Australia’s most informed minds’. It was more like a bar-room shouting match. Read more.


How to increase your lifespan in one simple step

You don’t have to run until you vomit or pump iron until your veins bulge to stave off death. Try this instead. Read more.


Gold Coast Light Rail

Labor’s big spend-a-thon: here’s what’s in it for you

Planes, trains and automobiles – Bill Shorten has big plans. Find out if they will get to work faster or make your life easier. Read more.



Johnny Depp should win all the awards for Black Mass

He’s never won an Oscar despite his impressive career. This dark, terrifying role could change that. Read more.



Investing in an apartment: good idea or waste of money?

With an oversupply of new apartments looming, there are good buying opportunities – but beware the pitfalls. Read more.



It’s official. The second Cold War has begun

Vladimir Putin’s latest gamble is a huge risk – even for him. And that has Western leaders worried about what he might try next. Read more.



Looking forward to a break from AFL? Forget it

AFL footy used to be a winter sport, but no longer. The season has finished but the white noise will roll on. Read more.


money rich

Want to start a business for less than $500? It’s possible

It might sound like an unattainable dream, but these people have shown that it’s possible to become your own boss for next to nothing. Read more.