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Get ready for daylight savings

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The first Sunday in October is always a tricky one. Daylight savings comes to town.

We’re told to wind our clocks forward but between the hands on our phone, microwave, television, wall and wrist, it’s hard to keep everything aligned.

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So to make sure you don’t miss any pressing Sunday morning appointments, we put together this little daylight savings cheat sheet.

Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and Tasmania:

On Sunday, October 4 at 2am (AEST), move your clock forward one hour.

If you’re in the south-east of the Australian mainland (and Tassie), you’ll have an hour less sleep on Saturday night. 

This can really trip you up on Sunday morning. So make sure you’re across the changes and make the most of the shorter Sunday.

South Australia:

On Sunday, October 4 at 2am (ACST), move your clock forward one hour.

For those in the southern central corridor of Australia – plus Broken Hill in the west of New South Wales – you do the exact same thing as those in the east.

Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland:

Do nothing.

Enjoy your various timezones staying right where they are. You don’t have daylight savings time – it’s fairly sunny all year round.

Congratulations on not losing any sleep this Saturday night.

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