News National Top Stories – Monday 21 September, 2015

Top Stories – Monday 21 September, 2015

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Malcolm Turnbull Malcolm Turnbull reshapes cabinet for ‘21st century government’

First woman appointed to defence ministry, Joe Hockey quits, Kevin Andrews has a tantrum. Turnbull’s new leadership team has it all. Read more.


Malcolm Turnbull Out with the old, in with the bold: ‘crazy brave’ PM’s new formula

ANALYSIS: Turnbull signals to voters there’s a new team in charge, but also risks creating enemies deep within his own party. Read more.


SCOTT MORRISON CHILDCARE VISIT15 things you need to know about new Treasurer Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison was behind the ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ tourism ads. Get to know the man who now controls the nation’s purse strings. Read more.


Woman-shoppingFood for thought: 10 ways to save on your food bill

Food is the second biggest expense for most people. These helpful hints will help make your weekly grocery shop less taxing. Read more.


Don Draper The most brilliant actor never to win an Emmy

His Mad Men character is one of the greats, and yet he’s been overlooked seven times. They have to award Jon Hamm at today’s Emmys, don’t they? Read more.



Adam-GoodesFarewell Adam Goodes, the most important player of his generation

He was the champion footballer who dared talk about something other than football – and some people hated him for it. Read more.


Taylor-WalkerHeroic Adelaide Crows show the meaning of true grit

Sure, they lost to the rampant Hawks, but if ever a footy team embodied bravery it was the bereaved Crows this year. Read more.


Getty Strange but great clothing tip for making your life easier

Some of the world’s most successful people wear the same thing every day. Here’s why you should too. Read more.



holden-commodore-vt-30th-anniversary-bigThe most stolen cars in Australia. Is yours on the list?

The car most often targeted by thieves is also one of the most common. And the method used to steal it is shockingly easy. Read more.

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