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Shorten: Australia needs Labor

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Opposition leader Bill Shorten has slammed the Liberal Party after their spill motion saw Tony Abbott overthrown by Prime Minister elect Malcolm Turnbull.

On Monday, former Communications Minister Mr Turnbull announced he would challenge Mr Abbott for the Liberal leadership.

Malcolm Turnbull to challenge Tony Abbott
Liberal leadership spill: inside the party room

And it was successful, with Mr Turnbull winning 54-44 in a close vote, meaning he will become Australia’s new PM when sworn in.

Of Mr Turnbull, Mr Shorten was scathing: “With Malcolm, it will always be about Malcolm.”

“Malcolm Turnbull is wrong when he says he is part of the solution.

“He has been an active member and minister of the Liberal Government for the last two years.

“This is a minister [Mr Turnbull] who has presided over a slower second-rate NBN whilst managing to double the cost of the NBN.

“Australians know that Malcolm Turnbull is ambitious but he’s ambitious for himself, not our nation.

“Australia does not need another out of touch, arrogant, Liberal leader. Australia needs a change of government.”

Mr Shorten said the Coalition government’s record wasn’t good enough, and changing to Mr Turnbull will not be the solution.

“Malcolm Turnbull, along with all of his Cabinet colleagues, have supported Tony Abbott,” he said.

“The Liberal Government with two bad budgets, presided over rising unemployment, the same unfairness, the cuts to pensions, the cuts to schools, the cuts to hospitals, the $100,000 degrees and the collapse of confidence in our economy.”

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