News National Top stories – Friday 4 September, 2015

Top stories – Friday 4 September, 2015

Canada could be our next solution for asylum seekers.
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How a beautiful French woman fooled the entire Australian media

It was ‘love at first sight’ for editors around the country. But this tale of a pregnant tourist was a hoax that hooked some big news sites Read more


youngworkerAnother reason why young people can’t get a job

ANALYSIS: Tony Abbott has shared the story of his first job. But if he doesn’t step in, the next generation will have no such stories to tell Read more


creditcardsYour bank could be ripping you off, with your permission

If you don’t know this critical fact about your credit card, new research shows you are vulnerable to being stung by your bank Read more


canninghastie‘Come after me, but leave my family and my religion out of this’

Liberal candidate in crucial election forced to defend his wife and father as the Canning campaign turns ugly Read more


smartphoneThe days of smartphone rip-offs are over – unless you’re an Apple user

The price of a good handset is falling rapidly. Find out what’s driving prices down and how you could soon be picking up a bargain for under $100 Read more


 narcoscastWhy Netflix’s new drug show Narcos is a downer

The fascinating story of famed Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar is lost in sleaze and a condescending narration Read more


freetradeausDear Labor, don’t give in to the government’s FTA hypocrisy

ANALYSIS: The government is campaigning hard on the China Free Trade Agreement, but not even employer groups are convinced Read more


asylumseekerThe New York Times slams Tony Abbott’s boat policies … again

‘Unconscionable, inhumane, legally dubious’. Famed US newspaper holds nothing back in an attack on the PM’s refugee policy Read more


bballBasketball is dying in Australia and it’s the AFL’s fault

As the game loses another young talent to footy, Davin Sgargetta examines what the sport can do to hold on to its brightest Read more