News National Top stories – Friday, August 28, 2015

Top stories – Friday, August 28, 2015

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Dyson Heydon

Fresh controversy threatens to undermine unions inquiry

Already accused of bias, commissioner faces tough new questions about his explanation of when and why he withdrew from a Liberal Party fundraiser. Read more.


Try making your way past this hoard of protesters outside the clinic.

‘I felt anxious, judged and guilt-ridden’

Reporter Kaitlin Thals runs the gauntlet of anti-abortion protestors at a Melbourne fertility clinic. Here’s what happened. Read more.



The weirdest new words in the Oxford Dictionary

Manspreading, brain farts, rage-quitting and fatbergs. These strange terms and many others are now part of the English language. Read more.



No wonder politicians are ducking the hard decisions. It’s a dirty job

Be thankful you’re not the Treasurer. The work required to fix the economy will take time and will be painful. But our future relies on it. Read more.



This is the drug ’emergency’ nobody is talking about

These legal substances are slowly and silently ruining lives. Hundreds of Australians are dying each year as a result. Read more.


The wrong sort of raise. Predatory banks ‘hooking card customers’

Illegal marketing techniques are being used to snare credit card customers with dangerously high spending limits, alleges regulator. Read more.



Slums no more: these stunning terraces are up for sale

Once known as cramped homes for the poor, these compact inner city homes are now among Australia’s most desired properties. Read more.



How the sharemarket rout affected your super

This week’s sharemarket drama may have calmed down, but it has still taken a toll on super. Here’s why you should treat it as a wake-up call. Read more.



This is what the AFL’s 2015 all-Australian team should look like

Selection is always hotly contested but Martin Blake puts his neck on the line to pick this year’s best team. Has he got it right? Read more.

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