News National Top stories – Tuesday 25 August, 2015

Top stories – Tuesday 25 August, 2015

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Hockey’s mysterious tax cuts: here’s how much you could save

The Treasurer says he’s going to kill bracket creep. He offered few details on how, but if he does the logical thing you could save thousands. Read more.




Joe Hockey is talking loud on tax but saying nothing

ANALYSIS: Onlookers expected news detail on the Treasurer’s tax plan, but even the accountants in attendance said what they heard added up to zero. Read more.



Mark Latham ‘paranoid, obsessive’ and ‘very distressing’

Writer’s festival meltdown prompts concern for the wellbeing of the former Labor leader from an old colleague on Q&A. Read more.




Mr Robot: an awesome new show you can watch for free

Foxtel’s streaming service Presto has delivered the goods with a gripping new US drama series. You can watch it right now. Read more.




Corporate jargon is a risk to us all. Here’s how to survive it

It’s the plague of modern office life: jargon that sounds sophisticated but means absolutely nothing. Read more.



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How the federal government is gambling with addicts’ lives

A disturbing report proposes fresh thinking for dealing with deadly effects of gambling addiction, including banning unlimited credit for addicts. Read more.



Geoff Lawson: a series of meek surrender on both sides

Despite being humbled by the Poms, the Aussie cricket teams has a bright future, says fast bowling great. Read more.



rowan atkinson

Five things we want from the new Blackadder series

The BBC comedy will soon return to television. Here’s what it needs to deliver to live up to soaring fan expectations. Read more.



Revealed: the world’s most Googled car brands

Where’s the first place most people look for a new car? Yes, the web, and global search data shows one car company the clear winner. Read more.