News National CBA under fire for extra charges

CBA under fire for extra charges

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On the same day Commonwealth Bank posted a cash profit of $9.14 billion, an error in the bank’s charging system was uncovered and is yet to be entirely rectified.

Furious customers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations at discovering double-charged fees to their credit and debit cards.

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The Age reported this amounted to $16,000 for one man who had been double charged for tuition fees, while others had received extra charges on payments at supermarkets and petrol stations.

Some credit card holders reported being unable to use their cards as their limits had been reached.

In a statement, Commonwealth Bank apologised for the charges and said they would be providing refunds.

“Duplicate credit card transactions were refunded overnight and duplicate debit card transactions will be refunded throughout today,” the statement read.

“Both the duplicated and refunded transactions will appear on your account.”

But customers were still reporting issues today, taking their anger to social media.

“Only reason i have any money i can access is because of my work pay check coming through this morning. Still not happy about the time it is taking to get this sorted. I couldn’t even buy food yesterday! Luckily I had checked my bank account before i tried to buy anything!!,” Christina Trone wrote on Facebook.

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