News National Palmer says ‘very biased’ Bishop should quit

Palmer says ‘very biased’ Bishop should quit

The PUP leader has had a gut-full of Mrs Bishop's spending sprees.
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Federal MP Clive Palmer says he is calling on Speaker Bronwyn Bishop to resign because of her age and because she is “very biased”.

Mrs Bishop has come under fire after it was revealed she used taxpayers’ money to charter a helicopter to fly to a Liberal party fundraiser.

She is also facing questions about allowances she claimed around the weddings of Liberal colleagues Teresa Gambaro and Sophie Mirabella.

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On Wednesday, Mr Palmer and fellow MP Andrew Wilkie announced they would move a no confidence motion in Mrs Bishop when Parliament resumes.

Mrs Bishop then apologised on Thursday for “letting down” the Australian people, but said she would not resign.

Mr Palmer said Mrs Bishop had made too many mistakes to remain in the role, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott should act.

“She’s demonstrated over a long period of time that she’s very biased in the role of Speaker,” he told the ABC’s Lateline program.

“Bronwyn should know that if she resigns from Parliament she’ll still get the same entitlements.

“She doesn’t need to put us through torture for a year-and-a-half to get her own personal entitlement.

“She’s been there a long time, over 20 years, and she’s now 72 years of age. It’s time to roll over and give a younger person a go I think.”

Mr Palmer, a former life member of the Liberal Party, said half of the party thinks she should resign.

“Over half the Liberal Party think she should go as well but they’re terrified to say so, to do something and to think,” he said.

“I still talk to people, they haven’t gone away, and they’ve all expressed concern to me.”

He said the Speaker should be chosen from one of the independent MPs and suggested Cathy McGowan.

“Why does it have to be a Liberal or a Labor speaker?” he said.

“I take it very seriously, being elected to Parliament to represent the people of my area. Why should I be denied a voice in Parliament because I’ve got a Labor or a Liberal Speaker?”

But Mr Palmer made it clear he had no aspirations for the job.

“I don’t think I’ve got the ability or the temperament to be the Speaker,” he said.

He said Mrs Bishop had breached the trust of the public and they had a right to be outraged.

“Can you imagine the headline ‘Clive Palmer catches chopper at taxpayers expense’? I’ve got my own chopper,” he quipped.


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