News National This is Australia’s homelessness hotspot

This is Australia’s homelessness hotspot

Homelessness is costing the government millions of dollars each year.
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The Northern Territory region of Katherine has the highest proportion of homeless people in the nation.

The area’s rate of homelessness is reportedly 31 times the national average.

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For every 10,000 people in the Katherine region, 1516 fit the definition of homeless, the bureau of statistics reported.

“There’s definitely a shortage of affordable housing and currently a shortage of public housing and transitional housing,” Katherine Town Council mayor Fay Miller told NT News.

“We have a lot of people come in from communities for health, for family, bereavement that do not have anywhere to stay.”

The bureau of statistics includes those who are couch surfing, living in boarding houses and in “severely” crowded dwellings in its definition.

“Homelessness in Katherine doesn’t look like anywhere else in Australia,” NT Shelter homelessness policy officer Alex Richmond told NT News.

“It’s really hard to build any stability when you’re also unsure about where you’re sleeping that night.”

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