News National Belle Gibson dodges court appearance

Belle Gibson dodges court appearance

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Belle Gibson has avoided a court appearance after she responded to questions put to her at the eleventh hour by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV).

News Corp is reporting that Ms Gibson handed the answers over to CAV yesterday meaning today’s Melbourne Magistrates Court Appearance was cancelled.

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Ms Gibson built a lucrative empire based on alleged fabrication. Photo: Instagram

The disgraced wellness blogger was the subject of a CAV probe in March after it was revealed that numerous charities had not received thousands of dollars Ms Gibson promised to them.

Ms Gibson said she’s give the donations as a percentage of sales of her The Whole Pantry app.

CAV engaged the court to force Ms Gibson to answer 27 questions it had for her. This included whether she ever suffered from a stroke or malignant brain cancer.

It also wanted to see evidence of charitable giving.

“Ms Gibson markets wellness products, a cookbook and an app on the basis that she is a cancer survivor,” Blair Ussher, for CAV, told the court, according to News Corp.

“She was marketing the goods on the basis that a certain percentage of the price would go to charities.”

Ms Gibson built a wellness and health empire based on claims she naturally beat cancer and also suffered other illnesses – including stroke.

When Fairfax Media uncovered allegations of lies about her conditions and charitable donations, Ms Gibson’s fanatically-followed social media accounts went offline and her book was pulled by Penguin.

Apple also slashed her app from the app store and from its Apple Watch promotion.

In a recent 60 Minutes interview Ms Gibson was slammed for being evasive and disingenuous under questioning.

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