News National Khaled Sharrouf’s daughter ‘mocks Australia’

Khaled Sharrouf’s daughter ‘mocks Australia’

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The teenage daughter of Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf has seemingly mocked the punishment that might await her family if they ever return to Australia.

News Corp has attributed a social media account to Zaynab Sharrouf, the 14-year-old widow of slain ISIL fighter Mohamed Elomar.

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“What can enemies do to me?” the Twitter account recently said.

“My paradise is with me in my heart wherever I go. To imprison me is to provide me with seclusion.”

If accurate, these posts would contradict the claims of Zaynab’s Australian grandmother, who has repeatedly said the family wants to return from Syria.

Another post endorsed Islamic martyrdom, in an apparent reference to the fate of her husband Elomar.

Elomar is believed to have died in a US drone strike in Syria last month. It is unclear if his fellow jihadist and friend Sharrouf survived or was killed in the same incident.

“They think that if they hit his [believed to be Elomar’s[ car with a missile, it would kill him. Instead, they gave him Jannatul Firdaus [highest level of paradise],” the tweet says.

Sharrouf’s Australian mother-in-law Karen Nettleton has made public appeals for Australia to help her daughter Tara and grandchildren, including Zaynab, return home.

She claims Australian Federal Police refused to help get the family out of Syria but the agency says it has never discussed the matter with her.

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