News National Mark Butler elected ALP president

Mark Butler elected ALP president

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South Australian federal MP Mark Butler has been announced as the new national president of the Australian Labor Party.

Mr Butler is Labor’s environment spokesman.

He beat West Australian lawyer Tim Hammond and Victorian Labor minister Jane Garrett to the role.

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Mr Butler said it was a “great honour to have been chosen by the Labor Party’s members”.

“Over the course of this campaign, Labor members consistently expressed how committed they are to doing everything they can to beat Tony Abbott at the next election,” he said in a statement.

“They also constantly stressed that they want more direct say on important decisions made within our party – they want to be able to vote to select Labor candidates for the Senate and Legislative Councils, for delegates to National Conference and more.

“This ballot – and the leadership ballot of 2013 – clearly demonstrates that providing greater direct influence to rank and file members helps to energise the party, improving our campaigning ability on the ground.

“Over recent years, giants of our party like Bob Hawke, Neville Wran, John Faulkner, Steve Bracks and Bob Carr have recommended such changes to our party.

“The National Conference in July is high time for the party to respond to those calls.”

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