News National ‘DJ Albo’ ditches Canberra to rock the casbah

‘DJ Albo’ ditches Canberra to rock the casbah

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DJ Albo blasted Taylor Swift and Aussie rappers the Hilltop Hoods at a fundraiser on Monday night in Victoria.

The Labor politician, who goes by Mr Albanese when in Canberra, manned the decks at Trades Halls in Melbourne, where the party reportedly ‘went off’.

“It went off, it was a good night,” the shadow transport minister told Channel Nine.

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“I’ve always liked music, I still go and see bands,” he said.

Not all of Mr Albanese’s set list was the new-fangled stuff the kids are listening to these days.

albo-charityThere were a few flash backs to a time when Anthony had a little more hair, such as with the hit ‘Buy Me A Pony’ by Australian band Spiderbait.

“For many of them, bands from the 80s and 90s – which most of my musical taste is – they wouldn’t have heard it before,” he said.

The pollie-turned-DJ even played ‘Beds Are Burning’ by his former Labor party colleague Peter Garrett, lead singer of Midnight Oil.

“It was better than heading to the local club for a rubber chicken dinner, which most Labor party functions tend to be,” he said.

The party was a fundraiser for Reclink, which supports young people at risk of homelessness.

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