News National Fired journalist who attacked Anzac Day to sue

Fired journalist who attacked Anzac Day to sue

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Former SBS journalist Scott McIntyre has brought a claim of discrimination against the public broadcaster, which fired him after he attacked Anzac Day on social media.

On April 26, the sports presenter publicly decried the Gallipoli Campaign memorial day as “cultification of an imperialist invasion” celebrated by “poorly-read, largely white, nationalist drinkers and gamblers” in a series of posts on Twitter.

Mr McIntye’s views were political opinions protected by law, his lawyers will argue.

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“The case is not about whether Mr McIntyre’s opinions are correct or not. It will focus on whether the views expressed by Mr McIntyre constituted political opinion and whether SBS terminated his employment for expressing these views,” said a spokesperson for law firm Maurice Blackburn in a statement.

“It is alleged SBS took action without a proper investigation and consideration of all relevant issues.  It will be contended that Mr McIntyre had an unblemished work record and if a proper process had been followed, he would still be employed in his chosen career,” the spokesperson said.

It was Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull who notified SBS of the online comments.

The journalist was entitled to express his political views, but should not have breached the broadcaster’s social media policy, Mr Turnbull said at the time.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison also described the comments as “stupid and ugly”.

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