News National Joyce and Depp in YouTube political mash-up

Joyce and Depp in YouTube political mash-up

Depp was breaching Australia's quarantine laws.
Depp doesn't like to compete. Although we're am sure he wouldn't mind having Barnaby Joyce as an adversary. Photo: Getty
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Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has become the latest figure to feature on political satirist Huw Parkinson’s YouTube channel, following the media mania caused by actor Johnny Depp’s dogs.

Depp was breaching Australia’s quarantine laws when he didn’t declare pooches Pistol and Boo upon entering into the country.

Mr Parkinson’s latest mash-up was shown on ABC’s Insiders and posted to YouTube on Sunday, the morning after the two Yorkshire terriers were flown out of Australia.

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Mr Joyce had tweeted: “Dogs gone”, confirming that Pistol and Boo were both back in their way to the US, after fears the dogs would be “euthanased” in Australia for not meeting import requirements.

On Thursday, Mr Joyce said the dogs could not stay.

“It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States,” he said.

Depp is currently in Australia for the filming of the latest instalment to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Mr Parkinson has created a number of political mash-ups videos, featuring several of Australia’s federal parliamentarians.

His mash-ups Seinfeld in Parliament and Star Wars: Fixed (with Christopher Pyne) have garnered hundreds and thousands of hits on YouTube.

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