News National Google could be building an army of robots

Google could be building an army of robots

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We already know that Google dominates the online space; but are they trying to take over the physical world too?

This week Google received a US patent allowing them to use the cloud to control armies of robots.

What this means is that the tech company may create a special system designed to issue orders to multiple robots over the web.

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The company initially filed for the patent in 2013 after developing a keen interest in robotics.

Just weeks ago, they were successful in a separate patent allowing a robot to have customised personalities determined by user preferences.

Not unlike the film The Terminator (1984), Google will have the ability to assign missions to robots and receive data about progress and health status, all through real-time monitoring thanks to the cloud.

“The cloud has opened up so many possibilities for controlling and integrating technology” Cloud expert, Hilton Kelly from Professional Advantage said.

“Google is very adept at capitalising on future technologies, well before they are set to boom,” he said.

“Cloud robotics is a relatively new field that has the potential to see us control cars and other types of transport from the cloud, receiving vital information and data along the way,” he said.

But only time will tell whether or not Google actually uses this technology in the way we expect them to.

“We’ve received patents for a number of ideas. While some ideas turn into actual products or services, there are others that don’t,” a spokesperson from Google said via email.

Either way, it is clear that Google is deliberately amassing a large amount of patents in the robotics field; presumably for further research.

When asked to comment about whether or not they were attempting to create an army of Terminators, the company declined comment.

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