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Climate change just a ‘plot’

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief business adviser has described climate change as a ploy to undermine democracy.

The “real agenda” of making “dud” predictions about warming temperatures is “concentrated political authority”, Maurice Newman wrote in the Friday edition of The Australian.

“It opposed to capitalism and freedom and has made environmental catastrophism a household topic to achieve its objective,” Mr Newman said of efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

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These so-called “eco-catastrophists” have seized control of the United Nations, the US presidency, academia and the mainstream media, he alleged.

The population at large must resist this hostile takeover, he admonished.

“Resisting will be political difficult. But resist we should.”

Mr Newman, chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, wrote the article to coincide with a visit to Australia of UN climate change expert Christiana Figueres.

“Figueres is on record saying democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming,” he wrote.

“Communist China, she says, is the best model.”

Later in the article Mr Newman warned of “a real chance” that Figueres and her allies would achieve their “centralised power ambitions” in what appeared to be a reference to an undemocratic system of government.

The industry figure did not further elaborate on the specifics on this seizure of power, except to say that society at large would pay an “unnecessary social and economic price”.

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