News National Stay informed: 4 May, 2015

Stay informed: 4 May, 2015

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Logies 2015: how a blue beanie stole the show

Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore ignores convention to issue a show-stopping plea for cancer awareness in a surprise finale
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 We’ll be ‘happier, more confident’ – and off to the polls?

A disastrous 2014 budget almost brought the PM undone, but could a popular, family-friendly budget this year presage an early election?
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Will rates be cut again? Too close to call, say pundits

The cases for and against another rate cut at Tuesday’s RBA meeting are delicately balanced, leaving borrowers unsure whether further rates relief is coming
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 Five new music genres that didn’t exist five years ago

Still listening to ‘So Fresh’ on repeat? It’s 2015, move on. Here are the weird and wonderful new genres you need to know about
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How to bust the banks’ money transfer racket

EXCLUSIVE The big banks are using money transfers to sting customers, shows new research. Here’s how to avoid getting burnt
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 Why you should be thankful for your stressful, demanding job

Hard works really is good for you. Memory, thinking ability better preserved by a challenging job, shows new research
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The moments the 2015 Logies will be remembered for

Touching speeches, awkward moments, genuine hilarity – these were the highlights of this year’s sprawling Logies ceremony
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 Floyd Mayweather might be the best boxer we’ve ever seen

Nobody likes him, but Mayweather’s claim to a spot among the greats of a dying sport is hard to deny
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