News National Bayley housemate stopped rape with an axe

Bayley housemate stopped rape with an axe

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Adrian Ernest Bayley’s former housemate once swung an axe at the notorious rapist and murderer to rescue a girl Bayley was raping.

The man, identified as Barry, told Network Ten he had no idea Bayley was on parole for five rapes when Bayley answered an online advertisement and moved into his house.

Barry said he heard a woman screaming for help as Bayley was raping her in the house they shared.

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“(I) ran in there with an axe, swung it at him,” Barry told Network Ten on Monday.

“My intention was never to hurt him, just wanted to scare him.”

The woman told him she was too afraid to go to the police over Bayley.

“I put her in my car, we drove to the police station and just as we were about to walk in, she didn’t want to do it, didn’t want to press charges,” he said.

Jill Meagher
Bayley is serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher.

Barry said the attack happened about eight months before Bayley raped and murdered Jill Meagher in a Brunswick laneway in 2012.

He said Bayley told him about girls he’d had sex with in St Kilda, which later turned out to be rape attacks.

Bayley also looked after Barry’s five-year-old son.

“He’d take him down to the parks, feed the ducks, take him shopping,” he said.

“It’s kind of a high level of trust we had with regards to hanging out with my son.”

Barry was unhappy Victoria’s Adult Parole Board had not told him he was living with a sex offender.

He said no parole officer ever visited the house.

Barry went to Bayley’s sentencing, where he said Bayley looked at him and made a gesture of support.

Barry made a throat-slitting gesture in response.

“(I think) that he’s in the right place for the rest of his natural life,” he said.

Bayley was found guilty in March of three more rapes, including two in St Kilda just months before he murdered Ms Meagher.

He is serving a life sentence with a 35-year minimum for Ms Meagher’s rape and murder. He has been convicted of a total of 10 rapes.


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