News Advisor It’s not murder if your gay victim ‘panics’ you

It’s not murder if your gay victim ‘panics’ you

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In Queensland, killers of homosexual men can avoid a murder charge by proving they acted in self-defence after their victim ‘came on’ to them.

Church leaders have used Easter sermons to call for the so-called ‘gay panic’ defence to be scrapped.

Speaking after Sunday mass, Archbishop of Brisbane Phillip Aspinall described the law as ‘unreasonable’.

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“I don’t think it’s reasonable to murder someone who approaches you sexually. Violence is never a constructive response.”

Dr Aspinall also appealed to those who resorted to violence at recent anti-Islam rallies, as well as a individuals behind an apparent spate of church vandalism in Melbourne.

“Whenever people feel threatened, there is a natural human tendency to react out of fear,” he said.

“That’s exactly what we have to resist.”

Father Paul Kelly was the first to use his Easter message to push for the Homosexual Advance Defence to be removed from Queensland’s statute books.

“I think Father Paul Kelly is on the right track, well and truly,” Dr Aspinall agreed.

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