News National Email asks for illegal donation

Email asks for illegal donation

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The name of Premier Mike Baird, who is seeking re-election in New South Wales, has reportedly been used by his party to seek an illegal donation.

One of ‘thousands’ of Liberal Party emails asking for campaign funds was sent to a property developer before Saturday’s election, Fairfax Media reports.

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Under NSW law, developers cannot legally donate to political parties.

The email to Peter Maccormick on March 18 was reportedly signed “Mike” and urged the developer to make a donation.

Mr Maccormick reportedly replied to the email noting it would be illegal for him to donate, but saying “wish I could like the unions”.

“[H]ave the guts to change the law,” he said.

Liberal Party spokespeople told Fairfax Media that “tens of thousands” of such emails are sent in the lead up to an election, and that the party “takes complete responsibility”.

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