News National Ice is Australia’s biggest drug threat: report

Ice is Australia’s biggest drug threat: report

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Methylamphetamine has been identified as the greatest drug threat facing the Australian public.

The ice epidemic is hitting rural, regional and disadvantaged urban communities hard, an Australian Crime Commission report says.

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Australian ice users are paying a premium for the drug – one gram is worth USD $80 in China compared to USD $500 in Australia – making it a lucrative marketplace for dealers.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan says 60 per cent of organised criminal gangs including bikies, were profiting from the drug’s importation or manufacture.

“The fight against ice is a matter for everyone,” he told reporters.

Ice causes psychosis and long term psychological damage.

The drug has also been linked to violent criminal attacks against bystanders, road deaths, robberies and assaults against hospital staff, paramedics and police.

The drug is infiltrating Australian borders, via sea, postal services and air from an estimated 50 countries.


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