News National Tony Abbott’s newest three-word slogan

Tony Abbott’s newest three-word slogan

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has unveiled a new three-word slogan ahead of his party’s second federal budget.

Mr Abbott repeated the phrase “prudent, frugal and responsible” multiple times during a radio interview on Wednesday morning, suggesting it may be the new Liberal Party mantra.

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The Prime Minister is convinced that the prudence, frugality and responsibility of the first budget means the second can be less

“We did so much heavy lifting last year, there’s a lot less required this year,” he told Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

Mr Abbott uttered the three-word phrase again while discussing the Coalition’s budget strategy during a press conference at Parliament House on Wednesday afternoon.


The new catchphrase joins the PM’s growing arsenal of pithy punchlines, including: “axe the tax”, “repay the debt”, “stop the boats”, “a stronger Australia”, “stop the waste” and “open for business”.

His main rival Malcolm Turnbull’s pleas for an end to ‘spin and slogans’ seems to have been ignored.

“Policies need to be carefully thought through, painstakingly explained and be robust enough to withstand rigorous policy debate,” the Communications Minister said in early March.

“The time for spin and slogans is over,” he said, to no avail.

Former Labor foe Julia Gillard was widely criticised for saying “moving forward” ad nauseam.

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