News National Tony’s kind of attached to his 50 shades of blue

Tony’s kind of attached to his 50 shades of blue

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Anybody hoping the prime minister ditches his trademark blue tie will be waiting a long time.

It’s become part of Tony Abbott’s uniform, and has even been the focal point for feminist complaints.

“I have quite a big collection of blue ties – there’s dark blue, there’s light blue, there’s blue mixes,” he told the Ten Network.

“I like them. My work uniform is a dark suit, a white shirt and a shade of blue tie.”

Media personality Ita Buttrose last week hit out at the PM’s unadventurous choice of attire, saying she wished Mr Abbott and his colleagues would get rid of the “stupid” blue ties.

But the prime minister on Sunday said the blue tie was as central to his public image as “budgie smugglers” and the firefighter’s uniform.

“I guess that’s just the way I’ve become,” he said.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard notoriously attacked the coalition’s “men in blue ties” before the last election, saying an Abbott government would marginalise women and make abortion a “political plaything”.


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