News National Karl Stefanovic calls Tony Abbott ‘fairly feral’

Karl Stefanovic calls Tony Abbott ‘fairly feral’

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Karl Stefanovic
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Today show host Karl Stefanovic has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of being “fairly feral” while in opposition, telling the Coalition leader “no one is buying what you are selling”.

While doing the morning television rounds on Tuesday, Mr Abbott said he wished “the Labor Party wasn’t in such a feral mood” over the issue of repairing the federal budget.

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Stefanovic quickly suggested the prime minister had acted the same way in opposition.

“With respect you were fairly feral in Opposition weren’t you? I mean the greatest respect by that, and … why would [Bill Shorten] do anything different when it worked for you?” Stefanovic asked.

“The reality is here that the budget position is in a shambles and every day it does get worse.”

Mr Abbott denied the budget was in shambles, but Stefanovic said the public weren’t convinced.

“No one is buying what you are selling, what you are laying down. That is the problem,” Stefanovic replied.

A recent Newspoll revealed the prime minister’s popularity is at a five-month low, with Bill Shorten preferred leader.

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