News National Bronwyn Bishop shows parliament who’s boss

Bronwyn Bishop shows parliament who’s boss

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Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has ejected 18 Labor MPs from parliament in one day, finishing a rambunctious week of question time where a total of 47 politicians where thrown out for misbehaving.

Ms Bishop suggested Labor MPs were deliberately trying to be ejected from parliament so they could “go back and campaign” ahead of the Victorian election on Saturday.

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“Others may wish to have early planes [home] but there was a deliberate campaign of noise and disruption,” Ms Bishop said.

Parliament is usually more boisterous at the end of the year, with only one week left of sitting this year.

Eighteen members were kicked out in the space of an hour, with Ms Bishop averaging one ejection every four minutes.

With a heavily depleted bench, manager of opposition business Tony Burke accused Ms Bishop of running a campaign against Labor, a claim which the speaker labelled “pathetic”.

“To stand there and try and say that you all behaved like little angels and you were picked on is pathetic,” she said.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne called Labor MPs “idiots”, despite being ejected from parliament 45 times himself when in opposition.

“They have deliberately attempted to be thrown out and if they intend to continue to behave like idiots then they will deserve to be thrown out and trying to now make a political point of it is so transparent. So pathetic,” Mr Pyne said.

Bronwyn Bishop’s ejection record:

• 2:06pm – Ed Husic
• 2:07pm – Michelle Rowland
• 2:14pm – David Feeney
• 2:14pm – Richard Marles
• 2:14pm – Julie Collins
• 2:15pm – Nick Champion
• 2:26pm – Claire O’Neil
• 2:33pm – Joel Fitzgibbon
• 2:35pm – Terri Butler
• 2:38pm – Anthony Albanese
• 2:42pm – Michael Danby
• 2:47pm – Jill Hall
• 2:52pm – Kelvin Thomson
• 2:54pm – Melissa Parke
• 2:57pm – Matt Thistlethwaite
• 3:00pm – Pat Conroy
• 3:01pm – Graham Perrett
• 3:02pm – Alannah MacTiernan

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