News National Clive Palmer extends olive branch to Jacqui Lambie

Clive Palmer extends olive branch to Jacqui Lambie

PUP leader Clive Palmer is interviewed on Lateline
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Clive Palmer has extended an olive branch to Senator Jacqui Lambie, telling Lateline he’d like to keep her “on board” with his Palmer United Party.

The PUP leader and Senator Lambie have been at loggerheads over the issue of defence force personnel pay, with it looking increasingly likely that Senator Lambie will quit the party.

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Speaking on ABC’s Lateline on Thursday night, Mr Palmer said the party had only tried to support Senator Lambie.

“We’ve only tried to support Jacqui since we – she first wrote to us and asked if she could be endorsed for the Tasmanian Senate. We’ve done all we can to support her,” Mr Palmer said.

“I think she’s a team player. And we’d like to keep her on board and we’d like to have a good team result for Australians.”

The Tasmanian senator removed all PUP insignia from her website this week, and previously asked Mr Palmer to stop “backflipping” and “fence sitting” on the issue of ADF pay.

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