News National Renewable energy targets: what each party wants

Renewable energy targets: what each party wants

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What is the renewable energy target?

* Designed to reduce emissions and encourage investment in renewable energy such as solar and wind.

* Requires 20 per cent of all power to come from renewable energy by 2020.

* The target of 41,000 gigawatt hours was set in 2010.

* Falling energy consumption means the target will exceed 20 per cent.

* Two parts: small scale which includes rooftop solar panels, large scale which includes projects like wind warms.

What the parties want:


* Reduce the 41,000 gigawatt target to a “real 20 per cent” instead of 20 per cent on 2010 levels.

* Drop target to 27,000 gigawatts.

* Exempt energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries like aluminium.

* Protect solar rooftop program.


* Prepared to offer “minimal compromise” of target in high 30,000s.

* Exempt energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries.

* Keep solar rooftop program.

* Won’t resume negotiations until government demonstrates “significant shift” in position.


* Absolutely no change to RET.

Palmer United Party

* Will attempt to block any reduction to RET.

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