News National Palmer hits back at Lambie’s sharia law comments

Palmer hits back at Lambie’s sharia law comments

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Clive Palmer has distanced himself from controversial comments on sharia law by Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie, telling Fairfax media they are not party policy.

Speaking on ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday, Ms Lambie said people living in Australia needed to abide by Australian law.

Ms Lambie struggled to define what sharia law was, saying it involves terrorism. She stood by a recent Facebook post calling for Australia to “ban the burqa”.

Sharia is the moral, legal and religious code followed by all Muslims, but made notorious by extremist groups like Islamic State wanting to implement hardline aspects of Islamic law.

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“When it comes to sharia law, to me, it obviously involves terrorism, it involves a power that’s not a healthy power,” Ms Lambie said.

“If you’re an extremist toward sharia law, then you have no place in Australia.”

Mr Palmer told Fairfax media that his senator’s stance on Muslims was not shared by the Palmer United Party.

“Party policy is determined by a meeting of the members and is announced by the leader,” he said.

Mr Palmer also used his Twitter to say Australians needed to remain united because of their obligations to each other.

“Australians need to remain united, we are a rich and diverse nation who enjoy a special country,” Mr Palmer said in a series of tweets.

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