News National Qantas and Virgin allow devices on takeoff, landing

Qantas and Virgin allow devices on takeoff, landing

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In welcome news for flyers who love their devices, no longer will work, movies or music be interrupted during takeoff and touch down.

Qantas and Virgin have revised their electronic device policies to allow passengers to use their smart phones, tablets and laptops in flight mode from gate-to-gate.

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Previously devices could only be switched on when the aircraft was cruising and had to be turned off during taxiing and through much of the climb and descent.

It comes after the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority released new guidelines on the safe use of personal electronic devices on planes in June.

The authority found, on the advice of airline experts, manufacturers and pilot associations, that devices in flight mode did not interfere with the aircraft.

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However, mobile phones still can’t be used to make calls or send texts from the air.

Both major Australian airlines are bringing the change in from Tuesday afternoon.

The new policy applies to all domestic and international Qantas flights, while Virgin Australia domestic and short-haul international flights will be allowed gate-to-gate device access.

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