News National PM renews anti-terror push

PM renews anti-terror push

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has renewed the push for an anti-terrorism crackdown after figures were revealed showing support for his ‘team Australia’ reforms.

The government today unveiled a $64 million package to address home-grown terrorism, monitor Australians fighting overseas and discourage anyone from joining the conflict.

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“Because of the Australians who are involved in this movement, what might be a problem in a faraway country is a problem for us,” Mr Abbott said.

A Newspoll published in The Australian showed that 77 per cent of voters would support new laws requiring Australians travelling to certain countries to prove that they weren’t affiliated with any terrorist organisations.

Mr Abbott said there were 60 Australians fighting with the Islamic State jihadist group overseas, while another 100 were working to “facilitate and support” the group.

“It’s also important that we engage with the community so that everyone understands that the enemy here is terrorism, not any particular religion,” he said.

Mr Abbott slammed the Islamic State movement, which beheaded an American journalist last week, calling it “medieval barbarism”.

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