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Budget block in question

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Despite government claims of a federal budget passage crisis, 98.9 per cent of expense measures have already been passed, according to a report by The Australian.

According to Treasury figures, more than $1.8 trillion in expense items have already been passed, despite political fighting over a handful of key reforms.

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The Abbott government’s decision to scale back foreign aid, which will save an estimated $7.6 billion, is amongst some of the 400 policy decisions which have already been passed.

The federal government has accused Labor of blocking $21 billion in budget measures, including the fuel tax increase and the mining tax repeal package.

Some of the biggest savings in the May budget, like the GP $7 co-payment, are yet to be passed, with negotiations between Labor, the Greens and minor parties in the sentate failing.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said on Tuesday night that there was still time for the government to pass measures through parliament.

“No government in recent political history had passed all of its budget measures through both houses of parliament by the end of August,” said Senator Cormann.

“We are on track and will continue to work, with perhaps an adjustment here and an adjustment there, to fundamentally get all our budget measures through the parliament.”