News National ‘Stinking budget’ needs the bin

‘Stinking budget’ needs the bin

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Senior Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek says the federal government should go back to the drawing board on its “stinking” budget that breaks so many promises.

The coalition is considering concessions on the $7 GP co-payment, university fee deregulation and the mining tax to get its budget through the Senate, with Labor, the Greens and crossbenchers still refusing to support the measures.

But Ms Plibersek dismissed any talk of the opposition supporting a rebooted budget, which she said would merely tinker at the edges.

“They should just go back to the drawing board,” the deputy Labor leader told Sky News.

“This is a stinking budget. It’s a stinking budget because it breaks so many promises and because it’s so profoundly unfair.”

Treasurer Joe Hockey is being pressured to split legislation to scrap the mining tax, News Corp Australia reports.

The Palmer United Party is blocking the bill because it wants to retain associated spending on the Schoolkids Bonus and low-income superannuation contribution.

By splitting the bill in two, the government could scrap the tax and appease Clive Palmer.

The government is negotiating with crossbenchers on the Medicare co-payment and its plan to reintroduce work for the dole.

It is also expected to drop higher interest rates for university loans, but retain the bulk of its plans to deregulate tertiary fees.