News National Vic woman ‘killed for cash’

Vic woman ‘killed for cash’

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A Melbourne woman bled to death in her driveway after she was stabbed several times in what police believe was a targeted robbery gone wrong.

Cambodian-born Geck Gov, 52, was known to carry cash and jewellery and police say someone who knew her movements probably attacked her at her Noble Park home on February 6.

“The person certainly knew her movements to be at her premises at 5.45 in the morning,” Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey told reporters on Monday.

It was dark when the attack occurred, but a person was seen running from the area after witnesses heard a scream.

“It wasn’t until light came at 6.30 in the morning that someone saw Geck lying in the driveway of her own home and by that time she had bled to death,” Det Sen Sgt Bailey said.

“This was undoubtedly a brutal, unprovoked and distressing attack on a hardworking, innocent woman going about her business in the confines of her own home.”

No murder weapon has been found, but police believe a white Mitsubishi van might hold vital clues to solving the case.

CCTV footage places the commercial-style van in the vicinity of the attack seven minutes later.

“We haven’t linked this van to any person at this point in time, so that’s really our main lead at the moment, to try and establish whether this van is in fact involved, or it could have been a valuable witness seeing someone get away from the scene at the time,” Det Sen Sgt Bailey said.

“Due to the fact it’s a commercial vehicle, it’s probably registered commercially so it’s very difficult to place.”

Experts have viewed the footage, but cannot date the van because the model has not changed in more than 40 years.

Police have already spoken to about 50 people during their investigation, but are appealing for anyone with a similar van to come forward so they can be ruled out.