News National Indo tells Aussies to behave

Indo tells Aussies to behave

In wake of spying scandal a code of conduct with Australia is likely to be signed soon.
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Indonesia’s presidential palace has indicated a code of conduct with Australia is likely to be signed soon.

The code of conduct is a document that is crucial to finally mending bilateral relations that have been strained since it was revealed Australia tried to wiretap the phone of the president in 2009.

Presidential spokesman Teuku Faizasyah says good progress is being made, and documents are regularly going back and forth between officials.

Dr Faizasyah says it is expected the foreign ministers of both countries will meet soon to discuss the code, but could not provide a date.

Indonesia’s outgoing president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has said in the past he wants the process done by sometime in August.

The key agreement follows several months of Indonesia suspending cooperation with Australia on military operations and intelligence sharing following revelations of the wiretapping incident.

At the time, Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to explain the spying revelations.

The attempts to tap phones happened under the previous government but were revealed in leaked documents obtained by Guardian Australia and ABC News two months after the Coalition took office.

Since then, the leaders of the two countries have met and Indonesia’s ambassador to Australia has returned, but it is the code of conduct that will set the template for a new phase.