News National Hefty new dole requirements

Hefty new dole requirements

Young unemployed people will have to work 15 hours a week.
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The unemployed will have to do 25 hours community service per week or lose their payments, under an extension of the federal government’s work for the dole scheme.

News Corp Australia says the requirement, along with the requirement to apply for forty jobs a week, will be key to the government’s $5.1 billion job placement system, set for launch next year.

A draft model encompassing the changes is aimed at cutting red tape, rewarding job providers for finding jobs rather than completing administration, and discouraging unnecessary training, the Australian reports.

The paper says the new system will be imposed on current providers like Mission Australia, Sarina Russo and Ingeus from next July as a prerequisite for funding.

Almost $900 million will be spent extending the work for the dole scheme over three years from next July.

Jobseekers younger than 30 will be asked to do 25 hours work a week, while those between 30 and 49 will be asked to do 15 hours work a week and those aged 50-60, 15 hours a week.

Work for the dole will be mandatory for all jobseekers younger than 50 unless they are working part-time or, in some cases, training for a specific job that is in demand in their local area.