News National Newspaper calls Julie Bishop a ‘complete fool’

Newspaper calls Julie Bishop a ‘complete fool’

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.
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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been slammed by a Chinese tabloid newspaper as a ‘complete fool’, while Australia has been described as a country which lacks confidence.

The editorial, published by China’s most popular tabloid newspaper, the Global Times, is believed to have been in response to remarks that Ms Bishop made in an Fairfax interview last week, according to a report by The Age.

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Ms Bishop said in the interview that she would “manage for the worst” in Australia’s relations with China.

“Bishop calls for standing up to China, but what resources does she have to do so with? The next day, Australian leaders will smile at China again, just as they do now to Japan,” said the Global Times.

“Bishop’s verbal provocation made her look more like one of the often pointless ‘angry youths’ found in the Chinese cyber sphere than a diplomat.”

“China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t even have the tools to deal with this kind of ‘complete fool’ of a foreign minister,” said the scathing editorial

The article also went on to criticise Australia, claiming that it was previously a place inhabited by “rascals and outlaws”.

“The country used to be a place roamed by rascals and outlaws from Europe,” it said.

“Perhaps it has to boast its values to cover up its actual lack of confidence in front of Western countries.”

The Age report claimed that there has been support within the government for Ms Bishop’s remarks, which “were merely giving voice to long-established principles that underpin China policy.”