News National Carbon tax repeal delay

Carbon tax repeal delay

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The Abbott government has yet to secure the Senate votes it needs to get its carbon tax repeal legislation through parliament.

The government had flagged it would fast-track a package of repeal bills through the upper house on Tuesday.

But in a surprise move, it ditched them from the chamber’s program because it can’t get the cross bench to agree on a timetable to debate the bills.

The government is also in negotiations with crossbench senators about other legislation it wants to clear before a five-week break from sittings.

A vote on the carbon tax repeal bills will have to wait until the Senate debates the repeal of the mining tax, abolition of the Climate Change Authority and establishment of the Asset Recycling Fund.

The government is still hoping to get its repeal through this week, while also cooperating “as far as possible” with other senators.

It is proposing the Senate continue sitting past Thursday until the upper house has voted on the carbon tax repeal and other legislation.

Also on the list is legislation removing foreign ownership and other restrictions from Qantas.

The government needs the support of six crossbenchers to have its legislation pass the Senate against opposition from Labor and the Greens.