News National 75 years until equal pay: report

75 years until equal pay: report

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Women will have to wait another 75 years to be paid as much as men, a new report by Oxfam Australia says.

The report, titled The G20 and gender equality – How the G20 can advance women’s rights in employment, social protection and fiscal policies, urges the world leaders meeting in Australia later this year to make gender equality a priority in their discussions.

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Women are paid less than men, do most of the unpaid labour, are over-represented in part-time work and discriminated against in the household, markets and institutions, Oxfam Australia boss Helen Szoke said in a statement on Monday.

The report found another 20-60 per cent would be added to the GDP of G20 countries if unpaid work such as caring for children or carrying out housework was recognised and valued.

Australia already has strong policies in place to support women in the workplace, but there is always room for improvement to address negative social attitudes, it said.

“Through its presidency of the G20, Australia is well-placed to show leadership and push the G20 to make good its promise to ensure that economic growth and employment outcomes benefit women and contribute to reducing income inequality between women and men,” Dr Szoke said.

“These are not women’s issues alone – they are systemic issues that determine the wellbeing of everyone, in rich and poor countries alike.”