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Climate ‘dinosaurs’ on notice

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Dinosaurs outside Parliament House on Sunday were scaring children while climate advocates said kids should be scared of the “dinosaurs” inside.

The Climate Institute took a pair of life-size dinosaur replicas to Canberra as part of a last ditch attempt to save the carbon tax.

“There are dinosaurs in politics and business who want to hold back progress, who actually want to take us back to when big polluters could pollute for free,” chief executive John Connor told reporters in Canberra.

The carbon tax was working to slow emissions in Australia, he said.

“This is an appeal to all parliamentarians, particularly the new senators, not to be rushed into a vote literally when they haven’t even got their feet under their desks in parliament.”

Former Liberal leader and carbon tax advocate John Hewson said the repeal was the most important issue ever to go before federal parliament.

“We can’t afford as a nation to get this wrong,” he said.

He believed Prime Minister Tony Abbott had won a mandate to put the repeal to parliament, but some senators had different mandates.

The Senate has already rejected the carbon tax repeal once.

The government will reintroduce the legislation to parliament on Monday.

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