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Ageing population: a plan

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Keeping seniors and women in work will help Australia beat the problem of an ageing population, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews says.

He also says immigration needed to be kept to an “orderly flow” to bring benefits to both Australia and source countries.

Mr Andrews told the C20 forum in Melbourne that ageing populations would put pressure on the budgets of all developed nations.

He said governments had to look at how to improve workforce participation for marginalised groups.

“This includes special attention to the participation rates of mature age job seekers and those with disabilities,” Mr Andrews said on Saturday.

“We have to improve the participation of women in education and in the work force, while supporting fertility rates.”

Mr Andrews said “the orderly flow” of skilled and semi-skilled labour through immigration programs would help both destination countries and source countries.

“Immigration programs should and can be designed to bring about both economic and humanitarian outcomes, while maintaining public confidence,” Mr Andrews said.

The forum brought together national and international experts on civil society to address issues it wants on the G20 agenda when it meets in Brisbane in November.