News National Couple killed at school reunion

Couple killed at school reunion

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An American couple have been shot dead at an Illinois high school reunion after the female’s ex-husband opened fire in front of 100 partygoers, on Saturday.

Lori Moore, 33, introduced her new boyfriend Lance Griffel, 36, to her old friends at their high school reunion on Saturday when her ex-husband arrived and open fire, according to reports in News Corp.

He shot the happy couple in the head to death.


















Moore and her new love were attending an East Peoria Community High School reunion for the class of 1999 when James Moore, 40, calmly walked in to the Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria and shot them.

An off-duty FBI officer then shot the gunman dead in front of 100 startled witnesses at around 8pm.

Ms Moore and Griffel were rushed to hospital but pronounced dead.

Ms Moore had filed for divorce from her husband in March last year and it was finalised two months later.

East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow told the Pekin Times that had it not been for the quick thinking of the FBI officer, the situation could have been even more tragic.

“It’s very difficult to say. You can play the ‘what if’ game over and over again, but I think it’s pretty clear in his case the presence of this officer and his ability to take very quick and very decisive action prevented a further tragedy,” he said.

Ms Moore had been very vocal about on her new found love Facebook calling him Sir Lancelot.