News National Hey expats – Pyne is coming after you…..

Hey expats – Pyne is coming after you…..

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Australian expats living in Britain owe $85 million in university debt which they aren’t paying back, the government has revealed.

The figures come as the government announces an international raid on Australian graduates working overseas as a “top agenda item”.

Government figures estimate that between $400 million and $800 million of HELP debt is owed by Australians living overseas.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne said that all people, including graduates, should pay their debts, according to a Herald Sun report.

“We need to close the loophole that allows graduates to do their education at the taxpayer’s expense then move overseas and not repay that debt, even when they’re earning a decent income,” said Mr Pyne.

Mr Pyne has allegedly begun talks with his British counterpart on a new tax treaty which would allow each country to recoup student loans from citizens living overseas.

It is estimated that $85 million in HELP debt is in Britain alone, where 400,000 Australians work and live.