News National You won’t want to sit next to these passengers

You won’t want to sit next to these passengers

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Two mammoth Australian crocodiles have been loaded on a flight bound for their new home in Dubai’s largest shopping mall.

It took 10 people, one excavator and six hours to move five metre ‘Jock’ and his female croc companion from their home at a crocodile park near Rockhampton.

After a 16 hour flight, the pair will take centre stage at the Dubai Mall’s Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre.

Koorana Crocodile Farm’s Lillian Lever told The Daily Mail that it took six hours to get Jock into his special built climate-controlled crate.

Transport company Main Freight said that the 750kg, 40-year-old croc was their most unusual cargo yet.

The pair were not alone on their flight, which was also transporting some racehorses.

The mall in Dubai, a city known for its wealth and excess, is visited by 75 million people each year.