News National Napthine should resign: Cain

Napthine should resign: Cain

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Former Victorian Premier John Cain has called on Premier Denis Napthine to step aside, saying that he has lost his authority and ability to govern.

His comments were made during a tumultuous 24 hours in Victorian politics.

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Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, Mr Cain said that Dr Napthine had to stop “pussyfooting around” and concede that he could no longer govern.

“Those in the game know that Denis Napthine has lost his authority,” said Mr Cain during at interview on Mornings with John Faine.

“It doesn’t matter what he says or does, he knows that he does not have the majority support of his party; he doesn’t have the majority support on the floor of the house.”

“In the meantime, the place ceases to be governed. That’s your problem.”

When confronted with the issue of fixed term elections, the former premier said that parliament would cease to function properly if an election wasn’t called before November.

“Authority is fundamental. Without it, you are nothing… cabinet becomes more difficult,” said Mr Cain.

“It eats away at the Westminster system.”

Mr Cain said that the support of ‘rogue’ independent MP Geoff Shaw was irrelevent to Premier Napthine’s need to step down.