News National News Corp loses rights to Packer/Gyngell pics

News Corp loses rights to Packer/Gyngell pics

Photos of the fight were splashed across national front pages.
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From today, News Corp will no longer be able to publish the photos that dominated newspaper front pages all of last week.

The exclusive shots of the street fight between one of Australia’s richest men James Packer and Nine CEO David Gyngell were purchased for $200,000 after a media bidding war.

According to a report in The Australian‘s media section, the hefty price tag only bought one week of access to the explosive images.

From today the rights to the pictures will transfer to Pacific Magazines’ New Idea, who paid the bargain price of $5000.

Media Mode, the agency that owns the images, has said that News Corp will be required to pay an extra fee if they want to continue to use the images for online publication.

When photos of the fight, which has lead to both men being fined $500, first hit the web News Corp obscured them with a prominent watermark to deter copycats.

Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and the watermark was met with internet backlash and ridiculed in viral Twitter posts.

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