News National Jaywalkers fined $44,000 in 3 days

Jaywalkers fined $44,000 in 3 days

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Victoria Police have boosted the state’s coffers by more than $44,000 following a three-day blitz against jaywalkers in Melbourne’s CBD.

Police issued 613 $72 on-the-spot fines to pedestrians walking against the red man and jaywalking to and from tram stops and train stations during the Don’t Do your Dash traffic operation.

They also nabbed 57 drivers for using their mobile phones.

Officers cited a number of pedestrians in the Flinders Street and Spencer Street area who crossed the road without looking while talking or texting on mobile phones or listening to personal music players.

“A lot of the public think that it is trivial what we are trying to achieve, but stopping for two minutes at a crossing is better than ending up in hospital,” Sergeant Mark Rose of Melbourne Highway Patrol said.

“We don’t want pedestrians to be injured or killed while doing something as simple as crossing the road.”

Further operations are planned in the near future.